Common Warts On Fingers And Hands: Causes, Contagiousness And Treatment

Before we get on with the article, lets get to know what are warts. genital warts but warts on hands and feet are the most common. The culprit behind warts on hands as well as other warts is a virus known as human papillomavirus.

The warts on hands and fingers are called common warts and spread through direct contact since it is a viral infection. This happens through commonplace objects, like, towels and clothes and by sharing personal items. Warts are not life threatening but may spread to other parts of the body too. Also you may have to suffer from embarrassment since warts are ugly and you may be a social outcast. They usually go away on their own without treatment, but sometimes they may linger on for a long time. There are treatments available for this problem, including home remedies. A healthy immune system and maintaining proper hygiene are important to prevent occurrence of this problem.

Warts on Hands Causes

The causes of warts on hands are still unknown. As discussed earlier, the trigger is the virus and the main reason behind warts on hands is its contagiousness. The virus infects the skin as well the mucus membrane which makes warts on hands contagious. Almost anybody can get them. You will be surprised to know that there are more than a hundred different types of human papillomavirus and each one affects a different body part. But it is actually the common virus types 1, 2 and 3 which are mainly held responsible for the warts on hands and feet. Also, an infected person can spread the virus to other parts of his body especially if he has warts on his hands and fingers.

Another major cause for warts on hands might be due to cuts. If you have cuts on hands and fingers there is every possibility that you might get infected with the virus because cuts as well as bruises provide an opening in the skin through which the virus can enter.

Warts on Hands Treatment

If the warts appear on the hands of young children, the best thing you can do is to simply leave it alone because the traditional warts on hands treatment can be very painful as well as expensive. This type of treatment includes freezing, cutting or burning the warts. Such treatments can lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement.

A simple remedy for treating warts on hands is through duct tape wart removal. Stick the duct tape onto the wart and leave it for six days and then remove it in the evening time. Then the wart should be rubbed with an emery board and left like that overnight but before you do this, soak your hands in warm water. Apply a new piece of duct tape for another six days and then continue the process for two months. But keep on checking in case the skin under the duct tape becomes red and soggy. If the skin becomes red or soggy, stop using the tape for a few days.


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But the best treatment is to leave the wart alone and let it heal by itself. It usually disappears within a month or two without treatment and in some exceptional cases within two years. The natural immune system of the body eventually recognizes the wart and helps to eradicate it. That is why many people just don't go in for any treatment because there will be no scarring or disfigurement which is characteristic of the treatments, like, burning or cauterizing, surgery, etc. and consequently no pain caused by them.

So these were some of the warts on hands causes and treatments. Just remember to take a few precautions in case you don't want to get yourself infected or spread it to other parts of your body. Wash your hands as frequently as possible and dry them off quickly since a moist environment will make the virus more active. Avoid clipping, cutting or shaving the warts since you would not like to end up with a worse outbreak. If you have warts on the fingernails or near them, it is better not to bite your fingernails. warts-on-hands.html


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