Dermatitis and What Makes Our Skin Itch

Dermatitis and the reasons why our skin itch

There are many reasons why and what, causes you to itch? It could be an internal reason like eczema or something your skin has come into contact with such a plant or even laundry soap these can all cause skin irritants and they can range from a mild soreness to skin reactions like blisters where the skin bubbles up with small pockets of fluid.

Internal causes can be treated with drugs or even physiological help; eczema for example is usually hereditary and many times is triggered by stress, asthma or an allergy can also be a cause, even some foods can cause skin problems.

Other internal causes are liver disease thyroid problems and cancers

External reasons are many, materials that we wear, chemicals, soaps and cosmetics we use and plants and vegetation we come into contact with.

Some irritants can be just a small red area on the skin others can affect the whole body, some pregnant woman even experience itchy skin.

Rubbing the skin can often cause it to itch, this can be rough clothes rubbing or even a cold wind blowing onto the skin, of course we all know what the sun can do to the skin, the cream we put on our skin to protect us from the sun can in some cases also cause it to react, you just cant win can you?

We come into contact with many things every day that can give us skin problems so it is sometimes very hard to determine what the cause of the rash is, perfumes you spray on yourself and even those used in fabric softeners can give a reaction.

Most reasons for mild rashes or dermatitis as it is called can be sorted with a cream or lotion bought from your chemist but if the itch or rash worsens it is always best to consult a doctor.

Children often have problems as their skin have little or no ‘built up’ defenses but as they grow so does the skins own defenses, a lot of the diseases children contract such as measles and chickenpox can cause very painful irritations, however the skin is an amazing organ its our first defense and it can adapt to fight some of the attacks.

You can help your skin in a very simple way by wearing protective clothing such as gloves, when your gardening or working with chemicals in the home, poison ivy and other similar plants can cause very bad dermatitis, as does household cleaning chemicals we use every day.

Insect bites are another cause so just by helping out the skin with gloves or protective clothing makes sense, also after you have come into contact with any possible skin irritation, washing with soap and water may be all you need to do.

Of course if you are itching after reading this? your brain is working overtime so pull yourself together.


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