How to Clear Up Skin Rashes and Burns

How to heal painful skin conditions with natural methods

The human membrane known best as "skin", is a very vulnerable part of our body. It does it's best to protect our inner organs and parts from getting hurt, and does a pretty good job of it. Though the process of that protection can often cause uncomfortable side effects. Rubbing on certain plants can cause rashes, hives or infections that sting and burn to high heaven. Some more popular ones are stinging nettles, poison oak or poison ivy. Other times we might scratch, burn, cut or wound our skin in various ways.

None of these sensations are fun, and some of them can only get worse until you find a way to heal them or to give your body a boost to overcome them. Thankfully, none of the natural methods to curing these ailments are hard to find or remember.

The important thing to remember with stings and rashes, is that they are reactions from a chemical that has found its way to your skin. These reactions are most often caused by histamines, which can make the skin itchy or make it feel like its burning. So in order to find relief and healing, the trick is to finding a good antihistamine and to boost your natural immune system.

In order to achieve this, let's go over some herbs you can utilize to heal your aching skin.

PLANTAIN - This common green ground plant is one of your best friends when you have skin ailments. The leaves can be broken and then rubbed against the affected skin to find quick itching relief and healing

BASIL - This herb is best used as a poultice

JEWELWEED - Also good for razor burn and bug bites

VITAMIN C - Best if taken in high daily doses (3,000 to 5,000 mg)

STINGING NETTLES - Must be cooked or dried, then it can be eaten to cure nearly all skin conditions, and is also good for fertility

WILD OREGANO-MARJORAM - Also good for fungal infections

PAPAYA - This is a great antihistamine that can either be applied directly to the skin, or it can be eaten. It's very enjoyable too.

HOT PEPPERS - Capasin, which is found in most hot peppers, has MANY healing properties. It may be a bit unbearable for your tongue, but it's a fabulous way to increase your immune system and fight those histamines.

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS - You need these acids to help your body heal itself

ALOE VERA - One of the most common herbs for calming itching and burning, as well as helpful as an antihistamine

VITAMIN E - This beneficial vitamin helps to increase new cell growth. The best way to achieve it's benefits, is to both eat plants rich in Vitamin E, and to apply vitamin directly to the skin daily until the problem is gone.

VITAMIN D - The Sunshine Vitamin, is one of the key needs of your skin. Take some supplements and get plenty of sunshine to help heal.

HEMP ROOT -Best used as a topical cream

CANNABIS - Great anti-inflammatory uses

DANDELION - To help detoxify your system, calm burning and to boost the immune system.

When you find yourself with a bad burn, cut, rash, sting, bite or other uncomfortable skin condition, you can use any or many of these herbs and nutrients to boost your system, get rid of the pain and heal faster. Remember also, that a proper diet and good exercise also helps to keep the skin healthy.

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