How to Get Rid of Fever Blisters Cold Sores Quickly

Do not let a fever blister or cold sore get in the way. Get rid of it quicker!

Do not let a fever blister or cold sore get in the way. Get rid of it quicker!

As someone who has had to deal with cold sores/ fever blisters my entire life, I have found which method works better than others to alleviate the nuisance. First of all, nothing I have bought over the counter at the pharmacy has shaved off the duration time of cold sores/ fever blisters. If you cope with them often you know exactly what I mean by "duration time". Secondly, I am not a physician but rather someone who has learned from experience so this is not medical advice. It is simply a "home remedy".

Correct me if I am wrong, but it never seems to fail! A special, long awaited, well prepared for day has arrived (whether it is prom, Homecoming, a wedding, first date, awards dinner, etc.) and then there it is…the itchy, tingling and warm feeling on otherwise soft lips! It is no wonder really with all the excitement and stress. But, unlike the average zit, this is worse…it is a blister threatening to rear its ugly head and rain on the parade! At least with a pimple it can be covered with makeup and/or popped. As the swelling begins, trying to conceal this wound only seems to make it worse. Then if it bursts it still does not vanish! It only lingers!

Now, I have tried everything from aloe vera, to antibiotic ointments to salt (and anything else I could think of) to dry it out and rid my delicate lips of the festering intruder. As it forms I dash to the freezer to retrieve some ice. Ice? Yes, it is time to freeze the bad boy out before it gets any worse! Nip it in the bud immediately!

True story: A friend of mine and her best friend (who had a cold sore/fever blister at the corner of her mouth) went to the beach. When the sun hit the blister it spread and formed a circle from the curve of her bottom lip, slightly down the side of her chin, then up and around to crook of her top lip. The heat seemed to make it thrive.

The cold, on the other hand, causes the sore to disappear faster. I cool it down with an ice cube and then each time I feel it heating back up I chill it again. Sometimes if I am swift enough I am even able to prevent them from forming at all.

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Posted on Feb 16, 2010