Hydrocortisone Insect Bites: Stop Insect Bites from Itching

Many people like using topical antihistamines to relieve irritation from insect bites. They have an advantage because they work quickly however they also have a few disadvantages. If you know you will be travelling or working in an area where you will be

People can use hydrocortisone for insect bites if they get bitten by mosquitoes or other tiny pests. While some persons keep topical antihistamines in their medicine cabinets, these should not be used for insect bites since some individuals are allergic to them. Instead of reducing the irritation, they cause additional problems, like allergies to oral antihistamines in the future.

People get a lot more bites in the summertime. Some individuals catch the insect in the process of biting but by then it is sometimes too late, they have already released toxins that cause irritation. Lice, mites, scorpions and bedbugs all do this when they make a puncture. Their venom brings about an allergic reaction because it contains histamine.

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Stop Insect Bites from Itching: Prevent Insect Bites Before They Happen

The chances of having to suffer through the discomfort of insect bites will be greatly reduced if your home and garden does not encourage too many of these creatures. You can get professional help if your home or business has a problem with bedbugs. In summertime, some organisms such as fleas and ticks also breed more rapidly, so it is important to keep these under control.

You can control fleas and ticks on pets and farm animals in several ways. With large farm animals, like cows, the creatures are usually dipped in a solution that can kill the parasites. Pets can be sprayed or dipped as well. To keep ticks under control, they can get a monthly treatment that is applied in drops on the skin. 

Hydrocortisone Insect Bites: Hydrocortisone Background

Hydrocortisone is a topical steroid. It can be purchased over the counter for application to areas that are itching. It works whether the itching is caused by insect bites or other triggers. If you have contact dermatitis, it helps also.

Hydrocortisone cream 1% is an effective anti-inflammatory and it works gradually to reduce itching and discoloration in the area where the individual was attacked.  When you apply it you may not notice changes instantly but it is effective.

It is always best to use steroids for a short period of time. They can cause major changes to the way that the body functions. If you are using hydrocortisone cram for an insect bite, do not apply it for long. If you keep on being bitten, talk to your doctor about other ways to reduce swelling. You should also make changes to your environment so that you are less likely to get bitten.


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