Natural Ways to Fight Dry Skin

How to Fight Dry Skin Naturally. Anit-aging skin.

At one time or another everyone experiences a bout of dry skin. What causes dry skin? How can we prevent it? When should we seek help? Dry skin can be difficult or embarrassing to talk about, especially on certain parts of the body. Since our skin is our larges organ and it is external it is exposed to many elements. What touches the outside of our skin is as important as what we put in our body to nourish our skin. Our skin is mostly made up of water. Due to this fact our water intake must be adequate to support our skin function and development. Intake of dehydrating liquids such as coffee, tea, alcohol and soft drinks can cause our skin to lose hydration. When hydration is lost elasticity, skin health, texture and healthy appearance is lost. It is important to hydrate your skin from outside as well as the inside. While water may be the best way to hydrate from the inside it actually dries the skin from the outside. Frequent bathing or showering can cause dry, flakey skin. Irritants used during showering such as soaps and shampoos can also cause skin to dry out. Certain shampoos may be beneficial to rid our hair of grease and oil but leave our scalp dry and crusty. Remember, your skin covers your entire body. Products you use for other body parts often come into contact with skin. Keep this into consideration the next time you are shopping for makeup, hair care products, nail polish or even clothing. When planning your daily diet you can easily take into consideration foods that are good for your skin. As it turns out, not only are these foods good for your skin but they are good for your entire bodily function as a whole. Raw fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients as well as water to hydrate your skin. Foods high in sulfur help create a young, smooth appearance. Garlic, onion, eggs and asparagus are all high in sulfur. Yellow and orange vegetables are high in beta-carotene which is an antioxidant and helps prevent age spots. Carrots are a wonderful option for beta-carotene. Red, yellow and orange peppers are also great additions to your diet. These foods are easily consumed raw on salads or as a snack with a little dip. They also go great in wraps! Avoiding fatty foods, animal fats and heat processed oils also helps keep the skin youthful and healthy. Remember, the most important step to staying hydrated is to drink water, two quarts each day.


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