Verruca Warts

Home remedies for warts, how to get rid of warts the natural way, ease pain and prohibit outbreaks

Also known as Verruca, warts are small benign growths. They are caused by a virus that's closely related to the human papillomavirus. These are common and painless and can appear on the area that is touched. There many effective home remedies for warts. Vitamin A is usually effective towards a wart when applied topically as opposed to taking it by mouth. You may opt to use nonporous tape such as duct tape to provide some sort of barrier by altering the surroundings of the wart you break the stride of exposed conditions. Tea tree oil is also a great method, just apply daily and your wart will disappear over a short time.

Vitamin C is another one of those home remedies for warts. Mixed into a paste and then covered with a bandage will aid in the killing of the virus. Castor oil and baking mixed together in a paste and covered with a bandage will get you the same results. You may opt to use apple cider vinegar as well. Apply apple cider vinegar with a Q-tip or cotton ball and cover with tape. Onions are known to have great health benefits for a wide range of things; you can also use it for warts. Slice 3 to 4 thick slices of onion and sprinkle with salt, let set overnight and apply the juice to your wart. The salt draws out the juice from the onion.

Be sure to consult your doctor before doing any of these things and always do your own research. It can become frustrating trying to remove or lessen a wart, but there are many home remedies for warts. Be sure to keep the wart dry and clean at all times because a wart need moist and warm environment to live. Despite the dryness look to a wart, the moisturization of a wart will make it far worse. Contrary to what some may think, anti-bacterial soap is not a cure for warts. You may try using a loofah sponge when washing the wart for exfoliation of the dry skin covering.

Using hydrogen peroxide on the wart is a great oxidizer and disinfectant. You may try using Aloe Vera to help remove dead skin that has covered the wart or the leaves from the plant will do just fine. Be very careful though, many products today contain chemicals and other additives so reading the labels on the product is very wise. You are most looking for products that are manufactured only with natural ingredients. Aloe Vera is a natural plant but unless you grow it yourself, there is no way of being sure of its potency unless you read the label.

Of course there are other home remedies for warts like lemon oil or dandelion sap. These are only alternative remedies that haven’t been proven to work but will cause no harm to try. Many seem to agree that plain old duct tape is the by far the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of it at home.



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