Wart Removal Tips: Using Duct Tape For Warts

Warts have plagued countless people all over the world. Popular remedies, such as surgery and cryotherapy, are way too expensive for most people. Here's how you can use affordable multipurpose duct tape and a nail file to remove your warts in as early as


When an affordable wart removal solution (like using duct tape for warts) presents itself to an individual, it’s often looked upon with doubt. Why? The mindset of man has been accustomed to view expensive remedies as the only cures that’d actually work.

However, this isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to eliminating warts. It’s important that you understand that the skin abnormality is caused by certain strains of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

That said, the virus is one that stays with you for life. The sucker can stay in your body for years or even longer without showing any notable symptoms. On the other hand, some people’s bodies tend to react differently to certain strains, and display warts immediately upon contraction of HPV.

You can opt to use expensive procedures to get rid of a wart, such as surgery, cryotherapy, or burning it off with special compounds. However, the problem here is that such methods can be a little TOO pricey for most people (myself included).

Skip the boring intro and learn how to use duct tape for warts here:

1.)    wash the affected area thoroughly with antibacterial soap

2.)    allow the abomination to dry, and place a strand of multipurpose duct tape on it for about 6 days

3.)    remove the tape, soak the wart in warm water for approximately 3 minutes

4.)    gently scrape with a nail file

5.)    repeat steps one to four until the wart is completely eradicated

The “duct tape for warts” removal technique is cost-effective yet an efficient solution to your issues with the skin abnormality. Significant results can be enjoyed in as early as 14 days.

There are plenty of other natural wart removal methods for you to try out there. Some involve the use of apple cider vinegar or banana peels – both of which have raked in some pretty impressive results for thousands across the globe.

Checkout a list of other natural wart removal methods by clicking on the link below:


An important reminder:

some of these cures may work fast for one individual, but a lot slower for another. The time it takes before a wart is completely eradicated will always vary from one person to another. If in the event that one cure doesn't seem to be reaping noticeable results within two months' time, it's advised that you move on to another option.


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